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Black Car diffuser


This amazing black bullet car diffuser looks so stylish hanging from your rear view mirror!!

Get yours now so your car can smell as amazing as you !!!!

Oils are only representative of a fragrance and are in no way connected to the original

To use, remove the wooden lid and plastic stopper, then replace the wooden lid. Gently tip upside down for a few seconds, which allows the fragrance to soak into the wooden lid. Then remove the lid and replace the plastic stopper ! Failure to replace the plastic stopper will cause too much liquid to be soaked into the wooden lid and it will start to leak The design of this diffuser bottle minimises liquid spills from the lid, however care should always be taken when using the bottle to prevent spills.

Care should be taken to avoid liquid contact with surfaces. If spillage or contact occurs wipe away immediately. Reed base may damage some surfaces if it comes into contact. Do not allow liquid to come in prolonged contact with any surface. Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces Keep diffusers upright.

Store below 30 degrees. Clean up spill immediately as it will damage surface. Do not consume. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Note: the outer surface of the bottle is coloured plastic, diffuser base and fragrance can damage the surface if spilled.